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Just Add Water Prep Logo - Black & Gold.

Naturally Simple

We sell Freeze-dried food for camping or survival or even just a quick and easy meal night on the go.  We also sell freeze-dried dog food and treats.  We only use products homegrown on our farm. As a family-run business, we take great pride in providing you with the highest quality ingredients. 

Food Knolling

Thanks to the folks at Just Add Water Prep Solutions, my dogs Gracie and Jessie, after just a few months has so much more energy and their coats are shiny like when they were puppies.


Our Mission

Just Add Water Prep Solutions is a Canadian-based company.  We are in Saskatchewan where we raise our families, our beloved pets, and grow bountiful gardens.  Our mission is to find solutions for everyday issues as well as preparing for the future by providing the highest quality of freeze-dried food products for safe long-term storage. 




Just Add Water Prep Solutions strives to be a leader in the freeze-dried food industry using the highest quality ingredients grown and raised on our farm.   We desire to achieve sustainability and leave the smallest footprint possible. 

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